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Beating Anxiety & Depersonalization

Derealization, Depersonalization, and Unreality were the worst symptoms of my anxiety disorder. These symptoms make you feel spaced out, foggy, out of it, and like you are in another world watching yourself, almost like in a movie. It was hell going through these symptoms, and I often thought I was going crazy. I wasn't.

The best technique I found to help with derealization, depersonalization and unreality is the One Step Technique, taught by Joe Barry through the Panic Away Program. He basically teaches you a method to look through and defeat the derealization and depersonalization in order to overcome it. I found his technique absolutely essential in overcoming my anxiety disorder and the associated symptoms. The progress I made with his program is the one thing that I believe helped me overcome my anxiety order the quickest.

The Panic Away Program
Author: Joe Barry

Panic Away was the one program that I feel really helped my recovery.  Panic Away teaches you to shift your focus when you are experiencing symptoms and actually feel the anxiety instead of fight it.  It also works on breaking the loop of anxiety and panic.  I don't know what I would have done without this program. 

Panic Away doesn't require a lot of writing or "thought records" and doesn't take forever to get through.  I was a little worried about whether the program was legitimate or not before I bought it, but I had no regrets whatsover after I did.  Had I found this earlier in my own anxiety experience, it would have saved me a lot of pain and suffering.  I absolutely, without a doubt, recommend Panic Away.

The Panic Away Program

Attacking Anxiety and Depression
Author: Lucinda Bassett

Lucinda Bassett is well known for her anxiety program "Attacking Anxiety and Depression ".  I had a lot of success with it.  The program is extensive and is divided into 16 weekly lessons.  It comes with audio as well as a workbook and video. It was very soothing listening to Lucinda's first hand accounts with anxiety when I was really struggling. 

Mainly, the program teaches you how your thoughts have a direct influence on your anxiety and panic, and how you can change this.  There is a relaxtion tape included to use daily, and several homework questions and assignments for each week.  Doing the assignments and listening to the tape does work.  The greatest benefit of this program is having Lucinda's audio tapes at your disposal to listen to anytime you are feeling anxious.   It's like having your own personal therapist!  If you can't afford to invest in the program (it is a bit pricey), Lucinda's book Power Over Panic is a great alternative.

Attacking Anxiety and Depression Program

The Linden Method
Author: Charles Linden

I haven't tried this program myself, but I've heard from some people who post on the anxiety forums that they have had success with this program.  The author Charles Linden is a recovered anxiety sufferer.  His method has to do with moving past your anxiety, changing focus, and not giving it power by paying attention to it. 

The Linden Method

Additional Programs

Please never ever give up hope!  There are so many resources and programs available.  If something doesn't work, just try something else.  Eventually something will!  Here is a list of additional programs.  I haven't tried these personally, but let me know what you think of them if you do.

E-Books and Programs

Easy Calm Video Series
Driving Fear (for Fear of Driving & Inability to Drive)
Cure Anxiety and Panic Attacks
Conquering Stress
Ultimate Relaxation Program
Panic and Anxiety Gone


Sometimes nothing can replace the value of a good therapist.  If you have been suffering despite trying home programs, self-help books, and general support from friends and family, please get help through therapy.  You do not need to suffer with anxiety and a good therapist specializing in anxiety disorders can help you recover quickly.

Find a Therapist now.

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